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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Night

I think I'm starting to enjoy these Novels in Verse.  They are short, to the point and take about an hour to read!  I really liked this one and look forward to talking about it at book club in a couple weeks (Wed April 27th, 4-5:30pm)!  Here is the synopsis and reviews!


"Gabe is the best looking guy in school. That's why his friends send him to get girls to their party. Helen is not much to look at; that's why her friends want her to come along. But Helen gets under Gabe's skin in a way no other girl has.

It was one night. One night with lasting consequences. Now Helen has to decide if she wants to keep the baby and if she should tell Gabe, who hasn't spoken to her since their one night together.

Filled with love, fear, and the tough choices born of casual acts, One Night is a passionate and compellingly readable novel about teen life, the hardships of parenthood and the joy and forgiveness between family and friends." -goodreads

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