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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Teen Programs and DDR!!!!

I have just put up all of our programs for January through May 2011!!!  If you would like to check it out, go to our webpage at:
The programs will be under the Young Adult Tab under "Programs".  While you're there, check out the Book Lists and Awards Tabs!!!  You will find super awesome stuff there!!!  Check back in soon for my take on "The Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters".  I'm about 2/3 of the way done!

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) program this Friday, December 3rd from 4-5:30pm!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teen Monopoly Tournament

Just a reminder that our Teen Monopoly Tournament is going to be this Saturday, November 27th from 10am-2pm.  You must make sure that you are:
1. In grades 7-12
2. Signed up by Friday, November 26th (we are open 10am til 9pm)
3. Here by 10am to start playing.  Late comers will still be able to play, but won't be in the tournament so make sure you are on time!!!

Winners will recieve their own monopoly game as well as other Hasbro games!!!  Be sure to tell your friends!  If you want to sign up via Ms Laura, send her an email at :

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

YA TV Shows!!!

We are awesome! Ms Laura has just started what is going to be super awesome...we are getting a YA TV DVD Section!  That's right, all your favorite Teen shows plus some oldies but goodies will be available to check out soon.  This is including:

Friday Night Lights
Secret Life of the American Teenager
Veronica Mars
Saved By the Bell
16 and Pregnant
Teen Mom
....and many more!!!  So the next time you are in the library, be sure to ask Ms. Laura when all the awesomeness will be ready!!!

Creepiosity!!! Found!

So while this book isn't necessarily "Teen", it was hilarious and you should all read it!  It takes normal everyday things that we see and don't really think of as creepy and explains why they used band-aids on the ground...and men that look like Santa Clause, that aren't Santa Clause.  Check it out!!!

"Creepiosity: A Hilarious Guide to the Unintentionally Creepy"

I'm also reading "Found" Which is pretty awesome!  It's a collection of objects people found on the street Here's the synopsis!

Discarded valentines. Ransom notes. To-do lists. Diaries. Homework assignments. A break-up letter written on the back of an airsickness bag. Whether they are found on buses, at stores, in restaurants, waiting rooms, parking lots, or even prison yards, these items give readers an uncensored, poignant, and often hilarious peek into other people's lives.

Found is chock-full of the latest and greatest of these finds, arranged in the style of the magazine, laying bare the tantalizing tales to be discovered in the trash we toss. By turns heartbreaking and hysterically funny, Found is a mesmerizing tribute to everyday life and our eternal curiosity about our fellow human beings.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl, Stolen

So I was really busy yesterday what with finishing two books and all but I must say I was kind of disappointed in this one.  I mean, it had its moments, but I felt like I was reading forever!  And the sad part was that I was really excited about this book and thought it had the potential to be great.  You be the judge.  Here's the synopsis!!!

"Sixteen year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of a car while her mom fills her prescription at the pharmacy. Before Cheyenne realizes what's happening, their car is being stolen--with her inside! Griffin hadn’t meant to kidnap Cheyenne, all he needed to do was steal a car for the others. But once Griffin's dad finds out that Cheyenne’s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes—now there’s a reason to keep her. What Griffin doesn’t know is that Cheyenne is not only sick with pneumonia, she is blind. How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare, and if she does, at what price?"

Wimpy Kid-itis!!!

So I know its not really a teen book but if you havent read the Wimpy Kid, you should!!!  Number 5 was released yesterday and I finished it yesterday... it only took about 45 minutes to read.  So read all 5!!!  There is also a movie which was actually pretty accurate and might I add hilarious!!!  Check it out!

Oh yeah, and I wimpified myself!!!

Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But is getting older really all it’s cracked up to be? Greg suddenly finds himself dealing with the pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come with getting older—all without his best friend, Rowley, at his side. Can Greg make it through on his own? Or will he have to face the “ugly truth"?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teen Board and Goodreads!!!

Hey guys!  Two quick things to run past you:

1. This Wednesday is Teen Board from 4-5:30pm.  This will be an important meeting since we will be picking all of the activities we will be doing for Jan-May so if you want to have any say in this, please come!  And as always we will have snacks!

2. Have you ever checked out goodreads?  It's an awesome website for people that love books.  It gives you a space to check out new books or if you have a book in mind, see what other people have rated that book, read reviews and synopsis of books and get excited!  There is also a profile section that is all about you.  You simple search for the books you've read and then you can "add them to your bookshelf"  in which you can have quite a few.  The 3 standard ones are to-read, read, and currently reading so your friends can know what interests you have, what you are reading and what you've already read.  That way, they could possibly read the same books as you and then you can have something new and exciting to talk about.  Its really easy to find friends as well since you can connect your facebook to your goodreads!!!

So check it out!  I have one and if you would like to find me and the books I've read, check out the link:

Happy Reading!

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

So I just finished reading this amazing book called the DUFF, which stands for: Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  Now I dont know about you, but I had never heard this term before and was surprised when the author of this book (who was 17 when she wrote it) said that hearing this term thrown around by her friends was what inspired her to write this book and show girls that they are better than that.  I know that I have always sort of felt like the DUFF with my group of friends, but after finishing this book, I realize that everyone feels like the DUFF at some point and that everyone has special qualities that they each bring to the friendship table.  I really enjoyed the message of this book and was amazed that the author was so young.  The book was just so fresh and funny and everything I didnt think it could be.  I think all girls should read this book, young and old!!!

Here's the synopsis:

"Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper is cynical and loyal, and she doesn't think she's the prettiest of her friends by a long shot. She's also way too smart to fall for the charms of man-slut and slimy school hottie Wesley Rush. In fact, Bianca hates him. And when he nicknames her "Duffy," she throws her Coke in his face.

But things aren't so great at home right now. Desperate for a distraction, Bianca ends up kissing Wesley. And likes it. Eager for escape, she throws herself into a closeted enemies-with-benefits relationship with Wesley.

Until it all goes horribly awry. It turns out that Wesley isn't such a bad listener, and his life is pretty screwed up, too. Suddenly Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she's falling for the guy she thought she hated more than anyone."-goodreads

So check it out!!!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Read for a Lifetime!!!

New Challenge!!!  For those of you that love to read, here is a challenge for you!  We are participating in Read for a Lifetime!!!  Read 4 books off of this list by April 1st and get entered into a raffle for an awesome prize to be determined at a later date and get to come to a pizza party!!!  Sign up with Ms Laura at the library, or send her an email (!!!  Here is a list of the books:

I've read 2 but I'm hoping to read more!!!  I at least have to read 2 more right?  Cause then I can come to the pizza party!!! 

There will be a special prize if anyone reads all 25 Books so be sure to sign up today!!!

Ms. Laura

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wii Wii Wii all the way to the Library!!!!

Wii Day is tomorrow (Friday) November 5th from 4-5:30pm at the library!!!  Come to the RPPL and bring all your friends...I've been reading all of the new "Eat This, Not That" books and have slowly been working on "DUFF" so I will get back to it real soon!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Novel Writing Month/Brave Girl Eating

November is National Novel Writing Month.  You pledge to write 50,000 words in November and by the end of the month, you have a novel!!!  I signed up today!  So I'm one day behind...who wants to join me!!!  Sign up here: (Must be 13 or older to sign up) and get to writing today!!!

I also finished a book!!! 

Brave Girl Eating is Adult Non-Fiction book (I know, adult and non-fiction!!!) about a girl struggling with anorexia.  The only reason I even picked it up was because from a far, I said to myself, why does this book cover look like twilight and why is it in the adult section.  Then I saw what it was about and decided to try it out!

It is written by the girls mother and alternates between Kitty's story and factual information about the disease.  I sort of skipped over all the medical mumbo jumbo because I was really only interested in the story of the girl.  It was good.  It was definitely interesting to see a factual case of anorexia instead of reading a fiction book.  I have read just about all the fiction books about anorexia and other eating disorders along with a big chunk of  technical non fiction books about eating disorders, but never have I read a story that combined an actual case of an eating disorder along with the technical information.  Check it out!!! (If you are interested in this topic):

"I've never had anorexia, but I know it well. I see it on the street, in the gaunt and sunken face, the bony chest, the spindly arms of an emaciated woman. I've come to recognize the flat look of despair, the hopelessness that follows, inevitably, from years of starvation. I think: That could have been my daughter. It wasn't. It's not. If I have anything to say about it, it won't be.

Millions of families are affected by eating disorders, which usually strike young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty. But current medical practice ties these families' hands when it comes to helping their children recover. Conventional medical wisdom dictates separating the patient from the family and insists that "it's not about the food," even as a family watches a child waste away before their eyes. Harriet Brown shows how counterproductive—and heartbreaking—this approach is by telling her daughter's story of anorexia. She describes how her family, with the support of an open-minded pediatrician and a therapist, helped her daughter recover using family-based treatment, also known as the Maudsley approach.

Chronicling her daughter Kitty's illness from the earliest warning signs, through its terrifying progression, and on toward recovery, Brown takes us on one family's journey into the world of anorexia nervosa, where starvation threatened her daughter's body and mind. But hope and love—of the ordinary, family-focused kind—shine through every decision and action she and her family took. Brave Girl Eating is essential reading for families and professionals alike, a guiding light for anyone who's coping with this devastating disease."