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Monday, November 8, 2010

Teen Board and Goodreads!!!

Hey guys!  Two quick things to run past you:

1. This Wednesday is Teen Board from 4-5:30pm.  This will be an important meeting since we will be picking all of the activities we will be doing for Jan-May so if you want to have any say in this, please come!  And as always we will have snacks!

2. Have you ever checked out goodreads?  It's an awesome website for people that love books.  It gives you a space to check out new books or if you have a book in mind, see what other people have rated that book, read reviews and synopsis of books and get excited!  There is also a profile section that is all about you.  You simple search for the books you've read and then you can "add them to your bookshelf"  in which you can have quite a few.  The 3 standard ones are to-read, read, and currently reading so your friends can know what interests you have, what you are reading and what you've already read.  That way, they could possibly read the same books as you and then you can have something new and exciting to talk about.  Its really easy to find friends as well since you can connect your facebook to your goodreads!!!

So check it out!  I have one and if you would like to find me and the books I've read, check out the link:

Happy Reading!

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